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Enrollment Fee $100

Tuition $11,000

Student Kit $800

$11,900 Total Investment

Full Time Weekly Hours: M-F 10:00am-4:00pm  
30 hours

Part Time Weekly Hours: Mon &Thurs 10:00am-2:30pm & Tues 10:00am-3:00pm
14 hours

Weekends Weekly Hours: Sat & Sun 9:00am-4:00pm 
14 hours

1000 HOURS

Skin Analysis


Gentleman's Facial


Facial Massage

LED Therapy


Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion


Skin Scrubber

Radio Frequency

Chemical Treatments

Body Treaatments

Hair Removal

Brow Shaping




Lash Lift

Brow and Lash Tint

Brow Lamination



What Is In Your Student Kit?

Meet Your Instructor!

Jessica Julien  Idris.jpg

1. one (1) textbook


2. one (1) workbook


3. a current copy of the laws and rules of the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers;


3. tweezer


4. comedone extractors


5. cleansers


6. liquid soap


7. skin freshener (toner)

8. astringent

9. acid (3.5pH)

10. moisturizers;

11. emollient creams

12. foundation

13. concealer

14. blusher

15. lipstick

16. powder

17. eye shadow

18. mascara

20. eyeliners

21. eyebrow pencils

22. professional pencil sharpener

23. disposable sponges and applicators

24. cotton swab

25. round cotton pads

26. rectangular rolled cotton

27. cotton balls

28. wooden spatula

29. muslin strips

30. disposable gloves

31. Dermplaning Handle

   Jessica Julien Idris
   Licensed Esthetician
      Licensed Esthetician Instructor

Jessica Julien Idris is passionate about skincare and continuing her education. She is the owner of Hollywood Skin Atlanta and has performed countless facial treatments in her career. She is a trained hydrafacialist. She has worked in luxurious spas such as Woodhouse Day Spa - Avalon in Alpharetta, GA. Jessica realized her passion for skincare after working over 15 years in the dental field searching for a career where she could help people feel better about themselves. What she enjoys  most about her career in esthetics is changing lives and the work, life balance it provides. She enjoys spending her free time with her daughter, husband and family!